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Welcome to "The Legends" official FANDOM page! Want to be updated on the series? Check out the reads at the link(s) below. (Links will be different for every season of the series. FanFiction links will be up soon!)

Frozen: The Alternate Universe -

The Legends | Snow Queen - suspended until June 2021

Queens | The Story of Elsa -

The Oracle Updates of the Series

The series is on its prequel phase, with Frozen: The Alternate Universe serving as a starting point for the entire series to come.


  • Chapter 7.8 will be in tentative update between May 29 - June 10.


  • (05/22/2020): New information will be added to Kristoff sub-page of the "Frozen AU Characters" section
  • (05/24/2020): Queens | The Story of Elsa is now live.
  • (05/28/2020): New updates for Elsa's bio will be available soon.
  • (06/02/2020): Scandinavian National Anthem is revised.

Legends UPDATE:

  • Legends | The Snow Queen has been suspended until June 2021.

Queens UPDATE:

  • Entry 1.3 will be live on June 20, 2020.
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